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Yehwan Song's designer’s story inspired me that 3D data is easy to access on web browsers and the idea of HoloLens, which is now centred on the development of MR and interaction between users. Thus, the metaverse website design consists of 3D design and focuses on user interaction. The final goal of the metaverse website is a new webspace implemented in MR, and it is for the audience to enjoy the experience and not be restricted by time and space. Although it is a new web design concept in a new space, it uses fundamental interactions to show that it is a website, but the work was carried out by focusing on ‘Space’ and ‘Immersive’ keywords. Furthermore, I hope that my design will motivate web designers who try to imagine the design in the metaverse.



"In this music video I look into how we perceive and measure time in our heads and how easily we can get lost there. With a playful tone I wanted to explore how we wrestle with different emotions and versions of ourselves."



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