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Welcome to NEST Magazine, an independent platform for the creatives of Leeds Art University. A printed publication providing a physical platform for students from various disciplines to showcase their work.
All content and designs are created by current students at Leeds Arts University. The NEST website allows us to celebrate the breadth of creative work on an online platform accessible to everyone.

NEST has been running since 2012 and has been under the direction of four different Editors since then. However, there are issues of a student magazine that pre-date NEST, and were produced by the university as early as 1935. You can find an archive of these under the Magazine tab.

Our primary locations for distribution are around Leeds in our favourite exciting shops and cafes, as well as Vernon Street and Blenheim Walk, Leeds Arts University. Distribution has previously included bookshops in Leeds, London, Manchester and Hamburg. We plan for the latest issues to be distributed around the world to key studios who influence us every day!

Latest distribution news can be found on our Instagram.


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