NEST is back for a very special edition and the theme is YOU! Since the University has closed its doors, we have had the opportunity to truly explore our creativity which was only heightened by the uncertainty of the world around us.


Angela Davis once said, ‘it is in collectives that we find reservoirs of hope and optimism’ which is a quote we feel perfectly sums up how our LAU community has come together and kept each other thriving and creating at such an unprecedented point in time.


That’s exactly why we want to see the work you make or have made that speaks to this quote, of strength against adversity. We want to see your experiences told through your art. If there is another quote you feel resonates more with how you’ve felt over the last few months then please share it with us along with your story.

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If your work is more than 25MB (even when compressed), audio, motion or, you have more than 4 files to send us, please get in touch via email, found on our Contact Page.


If you would like to submit more than four pieces of artwork feel free to submit twice, or as many times as necessary, or drop us an email.

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